Who We Are
We are Women of Color. We are young, middle aged and seniors. We are mothers, grandmothers, daughters, wives, best friends and partners. We live in the North, the South, the East and the West. We are smart, opinionated, concerned, progressive and pragmatic. We care about our families, our communities, our country and our world. We are hard workers, savvy managers, multi-tasking homemakers, we are energetic volunteers, courageous small business owners and problem solvers, who get things done. We are Women of Color for Hillary.
What We Want
We want to live in a country that’s inclusive and proud of its diversity, where civil rights, human rights and the right to choose are respected and honored. We want everyone to have the opportunity for a good education, a fulfilling career, equal pay for equal work. We want a corruption free economic system that gives everyone a fair shot at financial prosperity. We want elected officials and judges who have zero tolerance for redlining, hate crimes, racial profiling and police brutality. We want sensible gun laws, immigration reform, affordable health care for all and more bipartisanship. We want to take our seat at the table and have a voice in decision making. We want a President who wants the same things we want. We want a President who will fight to get them. We want a President who has our back.
Why We’re Doing This
We know that Hillary understands our concerns and the issues that matter most to us. We know that she has the best solutions to solve the nation’s problems. We know she has the best plan to improve the lives of all people, especially people of color, and particularly women of color. We admire Hillary. We respect Hillary. We like Hillary. We trust Hillary. We know we will live in a better nation with Hillary as our next President. We know Hillary has our back.
What We Do
We have a vast and diverse network of contacts and a passion to share our enthusiasm about Hillary with everyone we know. We will support Hillary with our time, our passion, our ideas and our money. We will build a national support network for Hillary among women of color across the nation. We will help elect Hillary as the 45th President of the United States. We will have Hillary’s back.