With the IA Caucuses just a few days away, we want to make each of you aware of our final MN push into IA.  These next few days will have a significant impact on the rest of the race and together we can make the difference! 

Copy of African American Women for Hillary

We have been provided with buses on SaturdayMonday out of the Twin Cities and would love if you can recruit your membership to aid this final effort.  Minnesotan’s will be knocking on thousands of doors and making thousands of calls over the next several days to ensure we WIN Iowa.


We are leaving early each day and beginning our trek back to Minnesota later in the afternoon. Meeting locations are coming soon, but in the meantime, please pass these details along to your interested members. 


I understand recruiting this late is hard, but can we each commit to finding 10 supporters to knock on some doors?  We are especially looking for a big push for Monday (Caucus Day!).

From Iowa? Here is a quick video on how you can find your caucus location to support Hillary!

We can’t emphasize how important this next weekend is in the nominating process, so please encourage all of your members and friends to consider.

IA Departure Times:

Saturday:  7AM-6PM
Meeting spot:  TBD
Departing Iowa:  6:30PM

Sunday:  8AM-6PM
Meeting Spot:  TBD
Departing Iowa:  6:30PM

Monday:  7AM-6PM

Meeting Spot:  TBD
Departing Iowa:  6:30PM

If you can make the trip to IA, please RSVP to the days specific link below:

1/29 Canvass:
1/30 Canvass:
1/31 Canvass:
2/1  Canvass:

We are also hosting phone banks throughout Minnesota, for those unable to make the trip to IA.

1/29 Phone Bank:
1/30 Phone Bank:
1/31 Phone Bank:
2/1 Phone Bank:

As always, please let us know if you have questions and thank you for your continued and strong support!