Hillary Clinton’s Statement on the Endorsement from the United Food and Commercial Workers

Hillary Clinton released the following statement about the announcement that the United Food and Commercial Workers have endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Clinton now has the endorsement of 20 national labor unions or labor alliances representing over 12 million American workers.



“I am honored to earn the endorsement of the United Food and Commercial Workers and their more than 1.3 million members.

“American workers built the greatest middle class in history by fighting for higher wages, safer working conditions, retirement security and the right to bargain collectively.  The UFCW has been there every step of the way.  They’ve fought to raise the minimum wage and reform our broken immigration system. They’ve stood strong to protect the rights and safety of workers across the country. And they’ve advocated for policies that would help working families get ahead, like paid sick days, fair scheduling and more full-time shifts.


“As president, getting incomes rising for working Americans will be my number-one priority. I’ll stand up for workers and fight attacks on collective bargaining. I’ll protect Social Security from Republican efforts to privatize it, and I’ll fight to ensure more hardworking Americans can retire with dignity. I’ll protect and build upon President Obama’s executive actions on immigration and will work my hardest to achieve comprehensive immigration reform once and for all.  And every day, I’ll proudly stand with the men and women of UFCW to help working families get ahead and stay ahead.”